Introducing… Sales!

23997574130_589b5c5632_m(1)While I cover most retail math measures toward the end of the semester, this isn’t true of sales. In my Retail Strategy courses, we begin looking at sales on the second day of class. After all, what is more fundamental to retailing than sales?

Typically I begin with the most recent data from both the U.S. Economic Census and the NRF to give an overall perspective on the total industry numbers. Then, the fun part begins. (Ok – fun for retail nerds like me.) The remainder of the class period is devoted to analyzing three lists: STORES Top 100 Retailers, STORES Hot 100 Retailers, and the Top 250 Global Retailers (as compiled by STORES and Deloitte). These lists contain each retailers’ annual sales data along with other pertinent data, and are a fun way to teach students a basic retail concept.

The lists also introduce them to many retailers they are unfamiliar with, while giving them an idea of just how massive (and global) these companies are.

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